This is not about mastery of information, but actual transformation, you re-creating you. It takes guts to be here and learn you're the Face of God and allow yourself to become it.

Enter Me 101 is the master course here, and all other courses come out of that one. You create courses here, You're student and teacher too, soon helping create creators as you recreate you.
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Video lessons new daily

Over 1,000 lesson videos

Theodore's Covenant

Database One 2,400 teachings

You will find The Teacher inside of you

You will awaken within you, The Real You, and become "one".


In this School you read, map, link, write papers, create courses, present seminars, learning to lead, develop confidence and inspire others.
The Master Course in The First Degree

Meonics puts you in the pilot's seat


Meet Theodore

Theodore Cottingham

The Revelation of Christ is here, and I'm it, calling you to be it too. A simple common man in Eureka Springs starting a school for people of light, of every nation tribe and tongue to BE The Light People now, doing the works here and now. All creating the Head of Christ on them to be one, the one minded ones, all becoming The Christ Mind that God is.
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