Ready for a new beginning?

You are Christ if you will learn to create it.

You are God not ignorant of it any longer. Not a normal school, this is the school of transformation for you to become what you really are: The Christ, birthing it, recreating the Consciousness of Christ in you to be you, taught by it. Are you ready to be intimate with God, humble enough for God to teach you that you're it, by your own inner voice? Are you a person of love ready to be powerless not again? Will you heal the Earth and people of every nation tribe and tongue? Are you willing to invest in you now, and free your words, finding your voice and creating The New You? No matter where you live, no matter what you've been through, what religion you've been in, this is the School of Christ for you to BE it, you creating it as it creates you anew, Glad you're here.
Are you ready?

You're invited to Eureka Springs
a city with healing in its roots
to help create the school where faculty staff and students: are one.

Patriarchy now goes bye bye. Women will rise. This is the time of The Revelation of Christ and women will lead it. The Call is to all, of every nation tribe and tongue to BE The Christ in your flesh, with your face, in your shoes, doing the works, healing your lands. Powerless not again. Please stand, develop your authority. Judge you worthy, to BE the Christ, and create it.
Theodore Cottingham
Like no other...

The theme of this School is Exploration and Adventure!

You’ve always known deep within you there was more to your life than what you’ve been taught. You’ve known you were not powerless, but, who will teach you your powers and how to use them? You will. If you’re ready to discover it, fulfil it, creating The Real You in a process with others with the same quest, all helping each other, let The Adventure begin!
  • See
  • Hear
  • Feel
  • Become

Everyone begins in Meonics

Meology is the study of Meonics, you creating The Real Me, the Christ in your shoes with your face, here and now, powerless not again. Meonics is the operation of The New Covenant, you fulfilling it in the creation of you that chooses now you to be it. A system of education, a system of transformation where you learn to have no other GODS before you. You are the I AM, the Collective of Christ restoring the Consciousness of Christ to all who surrender to be it. This is a school of creation, a school of healing, you first. You are the healer redeemer of you needing no other. Exercising your leadership now you learn your mission task and role here: to be I AM, altogether one. Meonics is all this, you learning to be you by releasing The Real You that you are, to teach you, using your words, your vernacular, your voice, becoming it. The Teacher teaching you from the inside out to become The Teacher.

All knowledge wisdom and understanding are already within you.

You meet The Teacher in the words of our curriculum

Our curriculum is dynamic and ever changing. The foundation of our curriculum is Theodore’s Covenant: 2,400 lessons of God teaching directly. As you study these Lessons, you'll become conscious of The Teacher within you to guide your unique path as The One responsible for you to become The Original You again. The Teacher will help you birth you and The Teacher will be you.. You learn here to be one. You create. Write papers. Learn to "lessonate", lessonizing the Lessons, mapping and linking to experience accelerated learning, you transforming you into a new creation: The New You.



It's time now....

It's time you learned to create you according to your words and not someone else's.

Daily Lessons on video

Learning how to learn differently than in the past: here it's "see, hear, feel, become."

2,400 Lessons

From every Lesson you create a Lesson. In this School you're creating a school.

No competition here

We're lovers here. All help each other, sharing papers, notes, living in a community of a family of one. 

Certificate awards

Certificates are awarded to members who complete the prescribed courses within the values of this School.
 The old paradigm is powerless to effect change. The New Paradigm thrives on change.

A unique path for just you:

Become a member of this School to access our courses, and be creating them....

Membership begins at $100. USD per month. Sign up, sign in, enrol in the Introductory Course. If it's not for you, you can stop your Membership at any time. For those who can ... Membership is $100. USD per week.  

This is Leadership School for who are willing to lead. It's not easy, but you can do it.

All of us here are pulling for each other. Encouraging others. Asking questions, curious. Not abiding by the status quo of others. This is a dynamic process. Life is changing and you will also see huge changes in yourself through your self-development process. 

Pour yourself into the Lessons of our Curriculum. See what you can see, and hear within.

You have a unique purpose in life and a unique set of strengths and abilities. Life direction coaching is a process for exploring who you are and what you need in a way that’s supportive and guided. 

Determine now you will "pick up your pen" and write. Type. Create. All things new, for you.

You learn to read with new eyes, hear what's within you. It's your time, to be heard, and felt. It's time for healing to come through you to the lands of the earth. You first. You're no longer having anyone else before you; no other Gods before you. Surrender ... you learn to be you.
Do not hesitate

Now you have a reason to live
as never before.

The course of all courses

The Mother Course:

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